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BC Restrictions for New & Learner Drivers Class 7L Learner Restrictions Your Required Supervisor You must have a Supervisor.May 21, 2017 New Driver Signs B.C.'s Graduated Licensing Program (GLP) was implemented to develop driving skills in a safe, step by step manner. Today .Get information about B.C.'s graduated licensing program. Learn how to get your L, your N, and your full-privilege driver's licence.A driver who is at least 16 years old and has never driven Upon succeeding the driver's exam, they receive their Class 7 N (Novice) licence, which allows them to drive alone, but with several restrictions.ICBC 'L' 'N' Restrictions - BC Driving.

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Prepare for your N road test. You can take your road test as long as you've had your L licence (learner’s) for at least 12 months and have stayed prohibition-free. To get ready for your test, be sure to get lots of on-road driving practice with a qualified supervisor and consider taking a driver training course.The same restrictions apply as they would in BC, but you should also check with the laws of the other Province or State to see if additional restrictions apply. If your are driving a rental car, additional contract restrictions from the rental company would apply.Drug-affected driving laws and penalties New drivers. Get information about B.C.'s graduated licensing program. Learn how to get your L, your N, and your full-privilege driver's licence. Gradu ated licensing. By going through g raduated licensing (GLP), you’ll learn the skills and attitudes that will help you become a safe and confident driver. Get your L Getting your L or learner's licence.You have to apply to have your driver's licence reinstated and pay the licence reinstatement fee as well as any other outstanding debts to ICBC or the Government of BC if you wish to drive again. See Also, Immediate Roadside Prohibition Penalties.Driver licensing To get your N (Novice), you'll need to pass the Class 7 road test. Make sure you understand what's Your N sign and driving restrictions .

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Rules of the Road in B.C. In British Columbia, regulating driver behaviour is the mandate of RoadSafetyBC. RoadSafetyBC, along with their partners and stakeholders , develop B.C. road laws and policies to make traveling safe for drivers, passengers, pedestrians, cyclists and other road users alike.British Columbia First, obtain a copy of the Learn to Drive Smart safe driving While driving on your Class 7L Licence, you must observe the following restrictions and the Young Drivers of Canada Program (ICBC approved) as a new driver.There are many restrictions until the rider passes a "Motorcycle The driver must maintain a blood-alcohol count of 0 (i.e. none in their British Columbia requires all new residents to take a driving knowledge .As the holiday season begins, government is reminding B.C.'s newest drivers of safety-related licence restrictions that can put your travel plans in "park.".What are the restrictions on a Learner driver in BC? Posted in New Drivers , Questions and Answers The Learner driver is someone who has passed the written exam, but has not yet passed the road test for a Novice Class 7 license.